Visiting Lecturer Bursary Scheme


This scheme allows international or British scientists of repute to visit clinical departments or laboratories in the United Kingdom to share information, techniques and experiences. The Guarantors of Brain have made available up to two bursaries per annum. Bursaries will be awarded annually in competition to the host department. Visiting Lecturers are expected to spend five working days participating in daily activities of the host laboratory or department and in giving informal seminars as well as a ‘Brain Lecture’ to which outsiders will be invited.

Each Bursary will include an economy class return airfare, the cost of lodging for six nights and an honorarium of £1000 (max £5K).

Lectureships and the ‘Brain Lectures’ will be announced in the Journal and it is hoped that other laboratories will also avail themselves of the expertise of the Visiting Lecturer, outside the five working days spent in the host laboratory. The successful host laboratories will be responsible for practical arrangements of the visit and will be required to submit a short report on completion.

Applications will be considered every March and October at the Brain Board of Management meetings, and the deadline for applications are February 20th and September 20th respectively. The application should consist of a brief CV (no more than two pages) of the proposed Visiting Lecturer and an outline of the programme.

Please ensure uploaded PDFs do not have restricted permissions or are password protected.

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