Support for short meetings & conferences


The Guarantors provide "Support for short meetings & conferences" to organisers of meetings or conferences that allow trainee neurologists, psychiatrists and neuroscientists to meet and interact with visiting scholars of international repute.

If you wish to apply for a grant to travel to a meeting or conference, please see the Travel Grants page.

Funds awarded will usually be in the range £500 - £3,000. Recurrent funding for annual meetings is not prioritised, and the Guarantors prefer to provide ''seed'' money to enable an event or educational conference to be initiated. Priority is given to events which are focused on or strongly involve trainees. It is unlikely that support will be awarded for small local meetings where attendance is restricted to individuals within a single hospital or University or to meetings for grant-funded consortia. The meetings must take place in the United Kingdom.

Applications will be considered at the Spring and Autumn Brain Board of Management meetings, and the deadline for applications are:

  • February 20th (for conference date AFTER 1st May)
  • September 20th (for conference date AFTER 1st December) .

Please note that we do not make retrospective awards.

Applications should consist of the following pdf files:

(i) covering letter outlining the goals of the conference or meeting;

(ii) outline of the scale and target audience;

(iii) a draft programme including details of speakers;

(iv) an outline budget including details of other sources of funding;

(v) and an outline of how the conference will benefit trainees.

If an award is made, your institution may invoice the Guarantors of Brain within six months of the event, for a single payment (by BACS). A report is required to be uploaded within 3 months of the event, confirming that the event took place and outlining the number of delegates including proportion of junior delegate and gender balance. Organisers and their host institution are responsible for the oversight and audit of expenses and receipts. If speaker costs are included in the budget, please note that we will not pay for first-class or business-class travel. 

Please ensure uploaded PDFs do not have restricted permissions or are password protected.

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