Public Understanding of Neurology


Public understanding of neurology

This scheme has been temporarily suspended. No applications will be considered until further notice.


In 2016, the Guarantors of Brain launched a new funding scheme to support high quality and innovative projects that promote the public understanding of neurology, or the science of neurology. 


The awards of up to £5000 will support collaborations between the following three groups 

(i) neurologists and neuroscientists in leading academic and clinical institutions in the UK;

(ii) groups or individuals in the creative arts, education, media, broadcasting or print media; and

(iii) established arts institutions, which may include galleries, theatres, arts and science festivals. The event, artistic work, exhibition or broadcast may be hosted by the academic or arts institution, as appropriate.


We are looking for high quality, imaginative and creative works (or events) that critically engage artists and audiences with neurology or neurological science. We will support professional approaches to the subject matter, producing exciting and engaging artistic work (or events). As an applicant(s) you would need to demonstrate that you have a distinct approach to understanding, illuminating and communicating scientific ideas and that you can succeed in creative collaborations between art and science. You should clearly present the vision, ambition and process behind the proposal, so that professional and lay readers could understand or become excited about it. You will also need to show that you have the capacity and experience to realise the project, if funded, and that you can reach and engage the intended audience.


The awards are not intended to support programs for health promotion, projects in which the artistic activity is in itself therapeutic, campaigns or projects that lie outside of neurology or neurological science. Factual documentaries would be considered, where these can demonstrably promote the public understanding of neurology and neurological science. 


If you are considering an application, please submit a brief outline, to sketch the idea, indicate the institutions and people involved, describing the target audience and aims, and an approximate budget. Evidence of co-funding from other sources will be an advantage. A full application to the Board of management may then be invited, which would be considered by the Board of Management twice a year (deadlines 20th September, 20th February).

The documents must be submitted electronically as a single PDF document which should not be password protected or have restricted permissions.


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