Newsom-Davis Visiting Fellowships

Newsom Davis in conversation, Brain 2011, vol. 134(12)

Up to two short term fellowships will be awarded each year to neurologists from Eastern Europe (in former Warsaw pact countries) and countries eligible for Official Development Assistance (on the OECD's List of ODA Recipients). The fellowships are intended for clinicians who wish to spend up to three months in a UK Clinical Neurology department. These Fellowships have been established in memory of the late Professor John Newsom-Davis, a former editor of Brain, through the generous support of friends and colleagues.

The awards will provide a maximum of £1500 per month to support travel and living costs. The award must be administered by the host department, who also undertake to manage any issues related to employment law and visa requirements.

The visit can be to obtain further clinical or laboratory experience.

Applicants should submit their CV and a two page summary of the aims of the visit, with details of costs to be incurred, and signed letters of recommendation from their current Head of Department and from the Head of Department of the host institution in the UK.

There are two deadlines every year; February 20th and September 20th.

About Professor John Newsom-Davis

Prof John Newson-Davis was a former editor of the BRAIN. He was a neurologist, best known for his work in the discovery of the causes of, and treatments for, myasthenia gravis (MG), and of other diseases of the nerve–muscle junction. As the editor for BRAIN, he placed more emphasis on the new fields of genetics and molecular biology and also papers that contain clinical data. He introduced electronic processing and on-line publication well ahead of other journals in the field, transforming the journal from a paper-based to an electronic journal. For more information on Prof John Newson-Davis, please visit:

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Newsom Davis in conversation, Brain 2011, vol. 134(12)