2022 Entry Dexter Penn

Dr Dexter Penn

2022 Entry Clinical Fellowship

A cross-sectional observational study of financial capability and capacity in cognitive disorders

People living with dementia often develop problems managing their personal financial affairs. This study aims to better understand this issue. Managing money can be challenging because it requires the understanding and application of many different types of information at the same time. The ability to manage money is known as financial capability. Unfortunately, people living with dementia are at risk of being taken advantage of by others and can lose large sums of money.

This study aims to better understand how different types of dementia affect a person's ability to manage their personal finances and how their carers support them in these tasks. This study will include people living with Posterior cortical atrophy (PCA), Behavioural variant frontotemporal dementia (bvFTD), and Dementia with Lewy Bodies (DLB). This study will use a new brain function test that examines how people manage their finances through practical exercises, ranging from simple shop transactions to more complex activities like investing. Comparisons of financial capability in Alzheimer's Disease (AD) will also be made using existing data.

This study aims to provide a more comprehensive understanding of how these conditions can impact financial capability, offering valuable insights that may help patients and carers be better informed to improve the personal safety of people living with dementia. The results of this study will be useful in creating targeted support, and resources, and improving public policy to help maintain the independence and financial security of those living with dementia for as long as possible.

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