2024 Entry Ali Bakhsh

Dr Ali Bakhsh

2024 Entry Clinical Fellowship

How do seizures occur in patients with meningioma brain tumours?

The process by which the brain becomes prone to seizures remains poorly understood. Meningioma, the most common type of brain tumour, offers a unique opportunity to study this process. These tumours, located outside the cerebral cortex, often cause seizures in patients due to brain invasion and swelling.

Up to 40% of meningioma patients experience seizures. Meningioma is particularly suitable for this research due to its slow growth, limited impact on brain structures other than the cortex, and relatively low mutation rate.

This project represents the first comprehensive analysis of the relationship between meningioma and seizures. Using advanced techniques, the study will investigate the gene signatures in both tumour and adjacent brain tissues from patients with and without seizures. The findings could lead to the development of targeted treatments for seizure prevention.

The research will involve spatial analysis of tumour and brain samples, focusing on different regions within the tumour and adjacent cortex. This study aims to identify distinct molecular patterns associated with seizures. This research will support and stimulate development of a future studies in this critical area.