Guarantors of Brain Scholars Program

In 2020 the Guarantors of Brain sponsored 20 young people from disadvantaged backgrounds through the In2Science UK Programme. Young people were shortlisted, interviewed and placed on the programme as 'Guarantors of Brain Scholars'. Due to COVID-19 the programme was transformed from a face to face 2 week work placement to an online programme.

In total, 21 brain researchers signed up to mentor. During the mentoring sessions students were able to speak to researchers about their research, career pathway as well as seek advice and support.

"We are very proud to work with Guarantors of Brain who played a crucial role in leveraging brain researchers who delivered life-changing support to young people who lack access to these resources through their families and schools. Each young person supported by the Guarantors of Brain received mentoring from top UK brain researchers as well as insights into cutting edge brain research. Some examples of research modules delivered included ‘Interacting with the brain’, ‘Mouse brains to human brains...’, a life beyond research and ‘Understanding what goes wrong in the brain in Parkinson’s disease’. In total 124 young people participated in the research modules. "

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