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Never mind NICE, the DTC and 18 week breaches - how good would your neurology service be without water or electricity? 

For many years, consultant neurologists in the UK have offered their time, experience and commitment towards teaching in low income countries, and in helping to establish local research networks and clinical services. This is a great part of the UKs leading tradition of Neurology, and our culture of support for colleagues and students in less advantaged environments. 

The Guarantors of Brain are pleased to announce their new funding scheme to support neurologists from the UK in pro bono teaching and research in low income countries. Applications up to £5000 will be considered, to cover your travel and accomodation expenses. We are also able to make a contribution towards any loss of salary if your teaching or research support is taken as unpaid leave from your Hospital or University. 

It is anticipated that most visits will be in the range of two to four weeks, but visits of up to 3 months will be considered.  Please see the Grants pages for more information and contact us early on if you are considering an application, for guidance and feedback. 

So, enjoy your comfy clinic chair, the batteries in your opthalmoscope, the prospect of a prescription being found within 50 miles, and think how you could reach out to help aspiring neurologists around the world.  

James Rowe, on behalf of the Guarantors of Brain

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